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Hi! Thanks for visiting. I'm an American photographer living in Buenos Aires. These are photos from the blog I kept on my site from 2003 to 2009. I now have redesigned the home page to just show a portfolio of my current work. I also blog at where I post my baires snapshots.
Arrowood winery in Sonoma

To look at my blog recently you'd think that California is all wildflowers, redwoods and wineries. I seem to have excised the cubicle/strip-mall essence of my life from this blog. I promise to try to restore some of the mundane ugliness you've all come to expect.

In the meantime, here's a few photos from this rainy last weekend that I spent up in Sonoma County.

Ridge winery at Lytton Springs

Me in front of a goofy mural in downtown Sonoma
Route 166 near Bakersfield, heading towards Maricopa. I like taking these back roads in the coastal range between I-5 and 101.
Route 25 south of Hollister and east of King City. As you might guess from the angle, I took this shot while driving.
Me and my dad in Venice Beach, CA
Me and my brother with local children in Mopti, Mali in 1986 [that's me on the middle right]. I recently convinced my dad to sign-up for Flickr. He's slowly uploading scanned slides he's taken over the last 40 years, including the picture above [we always went to bizarre places on our vacations].

Mud Men of New Guinea
Semien Mountains, Ethiopa 1964
Mopti, Mali, 1986 [the photo above, which I ripped off from his flickr profile]

picture of pearlgirl, pearlgrl
My brother and sister-in-law, along with a couple other partners started this business called PearGRL. They sell inexpensive, pearl jewelry that they've sourced from the Philippines. Pictured above is the Black Swank for $9.99. I like the pearls' organic irregularity and iridenscence.
Leroy & Percy

Dogs I visited in LA.

Wordy British Signage: Pedestrian Casualty Reduction Signal Timings Experiment. No Kidding!

I went to LA this past weekend. On Saturday we had one of the clearest days I've ever seen down there with strong Santa Ana winds blowing all the crap out into the Pacific. I went with some friends hiking in Will Rogers State Park and the views were spectacular. The photos, somewhat less so.
Another view of Twin Peaks

Sao Paulo Backlot, like a Hollywood studio backlot but Brazilian.

Tourists at Twin Peaks in SF
Picture of Castro Street Station
Castro Street Station: orange on orange on orange with a little bit of blue. The station dates from 1976 and the color perfectly matches the shag carpet and curtains my childhood playroom from the same era.

See also: 49th & 7th in New York

Guerrero St. in San Francisco

The Humdrum Portraits Trend:

Take flat even light (such as a soft, overcast day), ordinary (or ordinary looking) people and photograph them in a deadpan way, often head on... It's been done to death...
My own contribution to this tired trend can be found on flickr: Centered Portraits, altho most [all?] of these photos appeared here first.
Lotsa Bananas at the San Francisco Centre

Tristan Manco, the author of Graffiti Brasil, one of my favorite books, found my flickr page and left comments indicating which artist(s) painted the murals of some of the photos in my Sao Paulo Graffiti set. Checkout these pics of Highraff, Boleta, and Flip.

Highraff has a myspace profile that's totally pimped out, as it should be and Tristan has his own flickr set of Brazilian graffiti with some excellent pictures.

Bowling at the Presidio
Bowling at my friend Sam's birthday party at the Presidio Bowling Center in San Francisco. The shabby, unrennovated interiors of most bowling alleys are photoblogger porn. I left my camera at home and took these pictures with my friend Zach's dSLR. He took that last photo of me scowling. He's got more photos on his flickr page.

Thug cars for a thug America

photo of thomas locke hobbs Hi. I'm a 33 year-old American currently living in Buenos Aires. Before that I lived in California, Sao Paulo and New York and if you browse through the archives below you can see photos of all those places. Currently I'm posting most of my pictures on I also have an old geocities page with some outdated information but also more photos of Buenos Aires, friends and my 9/11 pictures.

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