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Hi! Thanks for visiting. I'm an American photographer living in Buenos Aires. These are photos from the blog I kept on my site from 2003 to 2009. I now have redesigned the home page to just show a portfolio of my current work. I also blog at where I post my baires snapshots.
Farewell to New York
My last night in New York at The Cock with Bryan, Jesse & Cool Dan. Here are some photos from my farewell party on Sunday. Next stop, Buenos Aires.

Von Dutch
Juliano at Made in Brazil recommended that I should get some Von Dutch hats as they're very trendy in Sao Paulo. A last minute trip to Canal St. and I'm all set. I'm not sure I can pull off the look myself, however:
The last Gates post, I swear

Dad flew in from Los Angeles to bid me goodbye this weekend and to see The Gates. It was visit #5 for me but they're still cool. I was glad to see them in the snow. And a bonus! We saw Christo & Jean Claude in the back of their Bentley:

Dad in my brother's apartment, after 3.5 hours in the cold of the park, relaxing with some wine & cheese.
195 Bowery

195 Bowery [at Spring St.] rises up 16 stories from a base no wider than a town house. The dimensions are unusual for New York. It reminds me much more of Buenos Aires where it's common for 10-15 story buildings to rise up from the standard 8.66m plot width. I like the yellow exterior which seems like some sort ot tyvek wrap. It's being covered over in a brownish gray brick. I see the yellow and I think of Barcelona or Lisbon with all their crazy and colorful tiles on building exteriors. Everything in New York is either decorative brick or sleek glass. The real estate blog Curbed has some background on the building and Wired New York has some more pictures.
Dangerous Liasons
I was an extra for a gay porn movie. Alas, it was for a non-porn scene, so, while I did see various porn stars, they all had clothes on [isn't it interesting how you can act in one porn movie and already you're a "star"?]

It's a remake of Dangerous Liasons and features a lot of cameos by downtown-type celebrities. The pictures below are of Lady Bunny and Amanda Lepore. We were on a red carpet playing paparrazi.

Below is a picture of the director/actor Michael Lukas addressing the cast. The film is to be released in May but already it's getting good press. Here's gawker's post on the day [he clearly has a good PR operation].

Ugly Frugal

Me & Cool Dan in Matthew's apartment, having breakfast with his campy napkins on his shap carpet.
More Mom
Monday morning Mom went to see The Gates in the snow. Her fuschia scarf competes with Christo & Jean Claude. Ever since she got her colors done in '86 everything's teal, fuschia and black.

I actually wasn't present at the taking of this photo. A passerby took it with my mom's new Nikon Coolpix 5200, my mom's first digital camera which I helped pick out for her.

On Thursday I slipped away from work to get my mom into MoMA. My [now former] employer is a big sponsor and I used my get-in-for-free employee privileges a lot.

The above photo is from the hallway on the 3rd floor just outside the photography galleries. The light is great and I would've taken a bunch of photos but I stupidly swapped a live battery for a dead one and only got the shot above which, thankfully, turned out well.

Will & Karen

My brother Will and his fiancee Karen in Central Park, of course. Saturday we spent three hours freezing our asses off for art & Mom.
Keren Ann
Last night I saw the singer Keren Ann perform at Tonic on the Lower East Side. She sings in English and French and is apparently pretty popular in France. Here in the US she's still relatively unknown and so for $12 I got to stand right up front with my friend Aaron and listen to her melancholoy songs. In a review in the New Yorker, Sasha Frere-Jones described her as sounding like "what a New York loft might look like if re-created in the Ninth Arrondissement by someone who misses New York."

On the way to the show, Essex St., with the first two letters obscured.
Orange Crush, sorry, I mean "Saffron"

Sunday in the Park with Cool Dan & Matthew
50 Million Christo Fans Can't be Wrong

Along with art-loving New Yorkers and seemingly half the EU, I spent a good portion of the weekend enjouing Christo & Jean Claude's The Gates in Central Park. And, like every other photoblogger in New York, I'll essentially be surrendering this blog to Christo-mania til Feb. 27th.

The best parts were in the northern half of the park; The Great Hill, North Fields and Harlem Mews. There were fewer people and the vistas were better.

Here's a Gate being unfurled. There weren't many left by noon on Saturday but my friend Steven reports that people followed the volunteers around and cheered at each unfurling.

I got a free swatch. When backlit, the fabric really glows. When the sun is to the side it shimmers altho when it's lit straight on the color is a bit washed out. I'm recommending to people that they start from the northern end of the park and walk south so that the sun is always lighting up the Gates from behind.

The best faraway views aren't necessarily from the highpoints but rather across the meadows and lakes. I didn't make it to the rooftop of the Met as it was a zoo this weekend.

Some links: Blue Jake's photos [he posts much higher resolution photos than I do], Felix Salmon's Commentary, Design Observer's Commentary [somewhat negative], Greg Allen's analysis on how they costs $20million [they shouldn't].

Random Pics

These are some random pics I just never got around to posting. On the first pic, I like the font of the burned in text on the steel street plate. The 2nd photo shows shuttered shops early christmas morning and the last photo is me, or part of me, in a brightly lit stairwell at PS1 [luc took the picture].

Googling "Sao Paulo Blade Runner" turns up some very interesting links including an article from Metropolis on the Urban Dystopia of Sao Paulo

Houston & Lafayette - Billboards

I live right near this intersection and so I see these billboards every day.

Update: In an effort to get more google hits on this post, I should mention that the above photo shows the new Calvin Klein underwear ad featuring Swedish soccer stud Fredrik Ljungberg posing nearly naked.

mmm, Cookie

City Bakery, on 18th St., has the best chocolate chip cookies ever.
Between Canal & Fulton

On my way from Canal St. to the Abercrombie & Fitch in South Street Seaport. The man & woman walking are from an installation of Julian Opie sculptures around City Hall.
One Damn Dollar

Canal St. & Chinatown. I was checking out brand-name knock-offs which might come in handy in Brazil. Didn't buy anything yet, tho.
Keith Haring

In a bathroom at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center on 13th street is this stunning mural by Keith Haring. It reminds me simultaneously of Hieronymous Bosch, Gay Liberation and AIDS. One blogger called it "a continuous orgiastic line of unbroken libidinal release." At the time it was painted it was already recalling a lost age of innocence and promiscuity--"Once Upon a Time" is the title. Haring finished the work in May of 1989. Eight months later he was dead of AIDS.
Aaron's Birthday
My friend Aaron at his birthday party. It was on a Sunday afternoon, which I think is a great time for a party in the winter.

Here a cool map of London's ethnic neighborhoods [via Davos Newbies].


I choose wines by the graphic design of the label. That and I like Malbecs from Argentina. The wine is excellent, altho the name, "Las Hormigas" is odd. In Spanish it means The Ants. Could it be a reference to Argentine Ants whose giant super colony has taken over my home state of California? I'll ponder that over my next glass.

photo of thomas locke hobbs Hi. I'm a 33 year-old American currently living in Buenos Aires. Before that I lived in California, Sao Paulo and New York and if you browse through the archives below you can see photos of all those places. Currently I'm posting most of my pictures on I also have an old geocities page with some outdated information but also more photos of Buenos Aires, friends and my 9/11 pictures.

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