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Hi! Thanks for visiting. I'm an American photographer living in Buenos Aires. These are photos from the blog I kept on my site from 2003 to 2009. I now have redesigned the home page to just show a portfolio of my current work. I also blog at where I post my baires snapshots.
J-Train, Cypress Hills, Queens

My Cellphone

I've had my cellphone for just over 3 years. It occurred to me that it's nearly an antique piece. It works and isn't saddled with functionality I don't need.
Bond & Bowery

Panna II

Grates + Neon

The above photos are from a nighttime walk around the East Village.

My friend Aaron put up a whole page of the portraits I took of him.

NY Book Review: Alma Guillermo Prieto on Mexico.

East Village Corner Stores

The 'Bomb' Cop Lives Upstairs

Joseph Rodriquez, the so-called 'Bomb' Cop who is under investigation for allegedly planting a pipe bomb in the Times Sq. subway station lives upstairs from me. On Monday night I was briefly questioned by the police. I didn't recognize him. This being Manhattan, I strive to maintain complete indifference to all my neighbors. By last night there were TV news vans and press photographers waiting for the police and ATF officers to serve a search warrant.

Here are today's articles: NY Times, NY Daily News, NY Post.


On Sunday I went over to my friend Aaron's apartment to steal another huge trove of music. Aaron has at least 5x the number of CDs that I do, knows all the current bands, and has been largely responsible for steering my tastes away from cheese pop and back into rock 'n roll.

On Saturday Aaron was nabbed by the police for trying to walk along the High Line.

From My Apartment

A bachelor's diet, my high-end stereo, and the confusion of cables in my SRO-like room.

My friend Ivo wanted me to take some pictures of him before he went off to Bulgaria for the summer. I obliged, though a little annoyed that he showed up an hour late. In fact he arrived when the sun was low and shone straight down Houston St. on a day near the "Manhattan Equinox" when the sun sets parallel to the grid. The light was diffused by the haze and perfectly golden.
Coney Island Projects


Being on the subway, going over water and estuaries on your way out to the Rockaways is certainly an odd feeling, beautiful, tho.
Plan B, Rudolf Stingel

Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Centeral is covered with this floral carpet the whole month of July. The work of art is called Plan B and it's by an artist named Rudolf Stingel. Here's the NY Times write-up and Creative Time's description. For me the impact of this work is auditory. The carpet muffles the sounds of leather soles and heels making the hall feel intimate and domestic.

My friend Matt visited from DC for the long weekend.

We saw the fireworks from a rooftop in Battery Park City. Pictures of fireworks are cliche so I left my camera at home and just enjoyed the view. Much better are these photos from Downtown Brooklyn.

Cool Link: Hong Kong high rises [via Lightnightfield via Laura Holder via Johanna] I like how the blogosphere occasionally bubbles up some professional photographer's portfolio.

Gay Pride III

Gay Pride II - Jesse

My friend Jesse and a group of friends always dress up for Gay Pride. This year they were all brides. Like last year, I was lucky enough to be their photographer. Here we are at Cool Dan's apartment, dressing up and posing on the roof.

photo of thomas locke hobbs Hi. I'm a 33 year-old American currently living in Buenos Aires. Before that I lived in California, Sao Paulo and New York and if you browse through the archives below you can see photos of all those places. Currently I'm posting most of my pictures on I also have an old geocities page with some outdated information but also more photos of Buenos Aires, friends and my 9/11 pictures.

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