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Hi! Thanks for visiting. I'm an American photographer living in Buenos Aires. These are photos from the blog I kept on my site from 2003 to 2009. I now have redesigned the home page to just show a portfolio of my current work. I also blog at where I post my baires snapshots.
Last weekend I went on a tour of Govenor's
, which has just been opened up for
public tours run by the National Park Service.

Looking at the Island from the S.I. Ferry,
I'd always been curious as to what was out
there. Here are some pictures [with more
to follow tomorrow and thursday].

Fort Jay, Governor's Island, Entrance

Fort Jay, Governor's Island, Dry Canal

Exterior of Fort Jay, a star-shapped fort on the
high point of the Island. The fort dates from the
1790s and was a big reason why the British didn't
invate New York during the war of 1812.

Fort Jay, Governor's Island, Interior

After the Civil War when the fort was no longer
used for defense, the turned the interior into homes
for Army Officers stationed on the base. It's a little
strange to see this quaint domestic row of homes
inside of this old military fort.

Apologies for no recent photos. I haven't had time at home to upload anything. So, for the weekend, please enjoy some random links.

F-stop Progression. A great series of photos showing the increasing sharpness and depth of field with an old 1930s large format lens.

Felix Salmon on recent WTC developments. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Dubya Train [Not the W Train]

Photos of my favorite urban blade-runner dystopia, Sao Paulo: Image1, Image2, Image3, Image4.


Graffitti Mr. Rogers.

I can't believe I care but Felix Salmon has a good recap
of the rise and fall of gawker.

Pictures of the Festival of San Genaro

Festival of San Genaro.

Bell Tower, Arlington Street Church

I was lucky enough to go up into the Bell Tower at
Arlington Street Church and annoy passersby with
my mediocre bell-ringing skills.

Cool Moldovan Photo Log.

Tiffany stained glass windows, Arlington Street Church
Tiffany stained glass windows, Arlington Street Church
Tiffany stained glass windows, Arlington Street Church
Last weekend I was in Boston. My friend Jeffrey took
me to the service at the Arlington Street Church, a
Unitarian Universalist congregation in Back Bay. The
church has a wonderful set of stained glass windows
designed by Louis Tiffany. More Info.
Restaurant on Grand St.

Grand St., near the Bowery Savings Bank.
Sunset Park, notices

Sunset Park, menu

Menus and Notices on 8th Ave. in
Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

More views of Montreal, from Labor Day weekend.

Crazy, exterior staircases in Montreal. I wouldn't
want to walk down one of these after an ice storm.

Stephen Roach on the Info-Tech Productivity Miracle Mirage.
It's based on 35.8 hour work weeks!
It's 8:20pm and I'm still at the office.

photo of thomas locke hobbs Hi. I'm a 33 year-old American currently living in Buenos Aires. Before that I lived in California, Sao Paulo and New York and if you browse through the archives below you can see photos of all those places. Currently I'm posting most of my pictures on I also have an old geocities page with some outdated information but also more photos of Buenos Aires, friends and my 9/11 pictures.

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